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Welcome to The Venator's Hunt!

We are heading in a new direction! If you have been tracking with us for a while you may have noticed our geeky goods have changed a lot. With a new baby in the house, we are ready for projects that feel more creative and in line with our own geeky hobbies. We will slowly be adding new costuming, props, resin dice, and dice trays. Stay tuned for more geekery!

Dice Bags Have Been Restocked!

Dice Gallery

Our handmade dice are crafted to add unique additions to your dice collection--or to accentuate the perfect new RPG character! 

We've been making dice since 2020 to supplement our own gaming tables, and we are very excited about all of our click clacks that have joined other gaming table since then!

Our Goods

We stock a variety of products for supplementing role playing games, levelling up a costume piece, or rocking a neo-medieval look on the streets (bring back cloaks!).


If you don't see a cowl in your colour, or our dice bags just aren't big enough for your giant click clack collection - we are also happy for new crafting challenges, let us know!


About Us

The Venator's Hunt was created to contribute to the amazing community of RPG players, fans, and geeks of all stripes that have been so supportive to us in our own journey through this space.

Thanks for supporting us in our geeky endeavours, we are incredibly lucky to be able to call ourselves part of the geeky community, both on and offline! 

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