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Meet Chela!

Hi, welcome to The Venator's Hunt! I'm Chela and I'm the creator of this geeky space. We are constantly creating over here, as we add things to our own geeky lives, so you can expect all sorts of fun, new, exciting things as we continue to grow. We love this nerd community and we hope you love our space here.

Meet Lochlan!

Hi everyone! My name is Lochlan, the second half of The Venator's Hunt! I love crafting, making props, playing tabletop games, and generally making a geeky nuisance of myself. The Hunt is an excellent way to harness some of my creative chaos, and I love it!


Chela's Favourite Things!

  • Creatures: I have two cats, their names are Maple and Syrup. But, I do change their names whenever I want - so right now their names are actually Bean and Loaf.

  • Video Games: I have the most amount of hours in Skyrim, but I have the longest love for Harvest Moon - shoutout to Stardew Valley.

  • RPG Playstyle: I have a really hard time playing a character who doesn't have a ranged attack.

  • Harry Potter House: I'm told I'm a Hufflepuff, but I kind of think I'm a Ravenclaw.

  • Lord of the Rings Character: The best characters are obviously Aragorn or Pippin.

  • Best Comic Book Character: Loki. He is mischief and chaos.

  • Last but not least, I love dragons​

Lochlan's Favourite Things!

  • Creatures: I, too, have two cats. They enjoy sassing me at every given opportunity (they are the same cats that Chela has, to be clear).

  • Video Games: I like games a lot--I am not good at them. I like indie games with cool art and gameplay, as well as basically anything that lets me customize a character or build a base.

  • RPG Playstyle: I am a Dungeon Master at heart, and I like to play at 110%. My characters are wacky and vibrant (like my games).

  • Harry Potter House: Ravenclaw pride!

  • Lord of the Rings Character: Boromir is my boy and the best character.

  • Best Comic Book Character: Thor is king, baby.

  • Last but not least, I also love dragons.

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