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Welcome to Critter Roles!



  • Critter Roles started out on Etsy in 2017. We have learned SO much since then!

  • We have done many small scale vendor events. It is always a ton of fun to see people get excited about the same geeky things that we love ourselves!

  • We attended London Comic Con as artist alley vendors in 2019 and LOVED it. Comic Con has always been a ton of fun as attendees, but it was magical to watch people find joy in the things we create.

My favourite cosplays that weekend:

  • Sadness from Inside Out. She couldn’t stay in character because I was so excited to see her.

  • Also a huge fan of Wendy from the video game Don’t Starve. She had Abigail on a stick – amazing.

  • A local larping group, The Mixed Medieval Arts in Watford, had a huge piloted golem costume. It was beyond impressive!

NOW – we are here!

Early Critter Roles

I have learned so much since starting Critter Roles. When I first started making geeky items, I used a lot of plastic canvas and yarn. I moved on to sewing lanyards and headphone pouches. Over the three years, I have learned so much about crafting and about running a business. From pattern placement of fabric to how to take a good photo, there has been a lot to learn. Product photos have been the largest learning curve for me, so I have to say - I'm pretty proud of how much I have learned!

As the creator of Critter Roles, I have learned so much about myself through both my crafting and my geekery. If you want to hear more about why I created Critter Roles, you can check that out here.

My favourite part of this business are the amazing people I have been able to connect with. I love the way being a geek can be an instant connection between strangers. So – if you have any questions about crafting or geekery, feel free to get in touch! Whether it be sewing, learning to play d&d, or just wanting to connect, I would love to hear from you. Being a geek and being a crafter have been huge, wonderful parts of my life.

We will be working on new items every month, so join our newsletter for all of our geeky updates!

Welcome to Critter Roles, happy you’re here. 😊

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